First Hemp & Cannabis Restaurant in California 2018

Welcome folks after a big-time off and a complete redesign of our restaurant, us and our crew have sat at the round table and discussed and time-traveled to 2018 (in our mind of course) and we have decided to open California’s first Hemp restaurant in 2018.

Why Hemp Meals & a Restaurant?

Well, times have changed and Nowadays Cannabis is so popular and is no more illegal.

BIG BITE: Hemp seed and hemp-related food products like hemp burgers are on the market.

Many studies have shows its benefits to humans and even animals, such as killing cancer cells, stopping tumors and helping people with MS. We also did a lot of research and guess what? cannabis market is supposed to rise 80% by 2020, how crazy is that right? that’s a big factor right there. At we are looking ahead into the future, why be like everyone else? we want to be unique and do our own thing, and our vision is, stand out, be unique, cook healthy hemp meals, and at the end of the



We Will Be serving CBD infused Beer, as we once witness in Canada.

day help people with disorders and pain as well as build a massive brand across California.  Since there are many coffee shops in Amsterdam and dispensaries in California, have you seen any Cannabis/Hemp Cafes or restaurants? the answer is NO, and that was also a big factor for us to start this great idea. There was also a huge online Poll at Irish Seed Bank asking people about cannabis restaurants, if they would be interested, imagine, 95% said YES, and as you might now Supply has to meet the demands. Okay, I think that’s enough chat with us. Let us show you the design ideas for our restaurant below. Enjoy. And shout out to our sponsors, find them in the sidebar.


A Few Cannabis Restaurant Design Ideas.

Our Interior Design, made from HEMP!!

Our First Drink on the Menu will be worlds healthiest drink: Hemp Seed Milk

Hemp milk for athletes and children

Vegetable milk from cannabis seeds is one of the most healthy beverages in the world! If you are not after the CBD beer, You do not need to look for expensive peeled cannabis seeds, normal seeds in the peel will do. Making hemp milk raw is very easy and fast at home (see the video recipe below). For the preparation of vegetable milk, almost all seeds and nuts must be pre-soaked in water. Seeds of cannabis soak are not necessary, but if desired, you can soak, especially if you have a weak blender. In hot weather, it is good to soak them in the refrigerator. You can keep the seeds and 1-2 days, in that case, they will germinate and their peel will become softer that will allow better and more pleasant to absorb the product, and the number of useful substances will increase several times.

For raw food, vegetarian athletes it is important to know:

80 gr. – 100 gr. hemp seeds, consumed per day, provide a daily requirement for protein, and the hemp milk protein is one of the best quality proteins of plant origin.
If you drink 2 glasses a day of hemp milk, then provide your body with a daily dose of calcium and zinc.
For athletes, it is recommended to add to the hemp milk flower pollen, which is also a source of quality protein. In such milk, the protein content increases by a factor of 2. So pack your bags at online luggage shop and visit us.

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